Which Social Media Is Most Used?

Which Social Media Is Most Used?. That’s almost a third of the world’s population! Different social media platforms show varied growth.

Infographic Most popular Social Media platforms of 2019
Infographic Most popular Social Media platforms of 2019 from

Ranked by monthly active users, here are the top ten most popular social media apps in the world: 69% of adults today say they ever use the site, equaling the share who said this two years prior. 267.7 million (sep 2018) penetration rate:

It Is Tied With Tiktok And Ranks Just Behind Youtube.

69.3% (oct 2018) what is qq? Consumers worldwide spend an average of 19.6 hours per month on the facebook app. The most common reason gen z uses social media is to kill time, making them the only generation to rank that above connecting with family and friends.

The 21 Most Popular Social Media Sites In 2019 (Maus Stands For Monthly Active Users, And Muvs Stands For Monthly Unique Visitors.) 1.

Facebook’s growth has leveled off over the last five years, but it remains one of the most widely used social media sites among adults in the united states: Just like wechat, it offers users multiple services like. Facebook is the biggest social media site around, with more than two billion people using it every month.

Ranked By Monthly Active Users, Here Are The Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Apps In The World:

The platform, which focuses on interactions between friends and family, sharing photos, info, articles, and status updates, has set the. This was closely followed by facebook (71% use it daily and 60% spending more than 30 minutes a day) and instagram (67% and 48%). Social media in the us is more popular among women

1.3 Billion Monthly Active Users.

For young men, it’s facebook (27%). And now, with 2.234 billion monthly active users, their place at the top of this list doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. 2 billion monthly active users.

Teenage Girls And Boys Tend To Differ In Which Social Media Platforms They Spend The Most Time On.

Facebook has reigned undefeated as the most used social media platform nearly since the beginning. That figure is still growing, albeit slowly. 693.5 million (q1 2020) average daily active users (dau):

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